About Fipco

Persia Furniture Industry Pioneers Company (FIPCO) has been registered on January 1, 2008 under No. 322672. The subject of the company is: – Consultation, design, construction, technical supervision and execution of projects and projects. Layout and decoration of office, exhibition, shop and home – Planning, designing, producing, constructing, establishing and conducting public, private, national and international exhibitions both inside and outside the country. – Exporting and importing all authorized goods, both domestic and foreign, designing, producing, manufacturing, supplying, distributing and selling of authorized goods and products, and delegating and obtaining sales representatives from within the country from manufacturing, industrial, commercial and commercial companies. – Establishment and management of export terminals of exhibition and industrial and manufacturing plants – Investing in companies and institutions and buying shares of other companies, consulting and providing business services and concluding contracts with real and legal persons and obtaining facilities from all banks and financial and credit institutions Any authorized commercial, service or production activity that is directly or indirectly related to the company’s subject matter.
The products and services offered by Fipco are due to the potential of synergy and the possibility of using the power of consignment movements at a more distinct and more effective level on the various layers of the furniture industry relative to the activities of active firms in this field. Part of the proposed services for Fipco is based on the supply chain layers:
♦️ Supply: √ Supply raw materials √ Collective logistics ♦️ Production: √ Upgrade production through training √ Improved packaging of goods √ Standards ♦️ Distribution: √ National Branding √ Export terminal √ Foreign and domestic exhibitions

As noted, the services provided by Fipco are within the supply chain furniture industry. Among these services, Fipco plans to focus on the following three services in the first step, based on the priorities.

Existence of Fipco Company

Compared to Fipco's existential structure, active firms in this field have no power and ability to do this, and its delivery is high-quality based on collective force and in such a structure. Another important point is that the company does not intend to produce the product at all and is not a competitor to any of its members, but also serves to facilitate the direct and indirect export process.


Participation in the implementation of projects for the development of the furniture industry of Iran in the domestic and foreign markets with the cost and time frame determined in order to realize the economic objectives of the investments, while relying on the capacities and abilities of the domestic and complying with social and environmental commitments. Marketing and exporting Iranian furniture and related products Create partnerships with potential investors and potential buyers Investing to increase its share in international markets Development and Sustainability in International Markets.


Fipco is a specialized, economical and efficient furniture company that seeks to become a pioneer in becoming a global worthwinner to contribute to national wealth creation.


Continuous effort to achieve the national, regional and global goals of the furniture industry in pursuit of the company’s guidelines and intentions. Identification and creation of domestic and international markets and efforts to maintain them Applying sustained commitment to protecting the environment, safety, health and quality in all cases Providing growth and enhancement of the qualitative and quantitative capacity of the furniture industry based on the development of human resources, technology transfer and development Promoting the global position of furniture in Iran by increasing international interactions.


Organizing core corporations in the company to develop and expand core capabilities Training and continuous training of human resources with an emphasis on innovation as the dominant organizational culture Development of raw material supply capacity to enable production.

Board of Directors and Investigators

علی رسول زاده

Chairman of the board

سهبل عابدی

Vice Chairman of the board

کوروش داراب نیا

Member of the board

هدایت سلطان محمدی

Member of the board

انور پاشا باقرپور

Member of the board

داود رجبی

Member of the board

حسن پاشایی خبیر

Member of the board

حسین نوروزی

Managing director

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